Other Antiques

Hanging Spice Cabinet

This is an unusual hanging spic cabinet. Made out of polar, this lidded cabinet has the look and feel of a candle box. Once the lid is opened and the drawer pulled out, one deduces very quickly this is not a “regular” hanging candle box. (more…)

Pair of Classic Candlesticks

This pair of brass candlesticks are a classic design. This design originated in the 18th century but came back into style during the middle of the 19th century. (more…)

Pair of Beehive Candlesticks

A lovely pair of beehive candlesticks. Made out of solid brass, this pair is in excellent condition. Look closely and one will notice great detail on this particular pair. (more…)

Desk Sets from Victorian to Art Nouveau

A stellar collection of desks sets from 1885-1915. Most are made out of brass. One large piece is bronze and a smaller two piece set is probably a metal allow. The bronze set is the only one we have ever had out of that material. (more…)

Magnificent Deer Ink Stand

A magnificent desk accessory.  Overall, this piece is remarkable. Simply put, pictures do not do this piece justice. 

The deer is beautifully sculpted and really grabs the eye. There is a gracefulness to the shape of the handles and base. Even the ink bottles are cut! (more…)

Eagle Door Knocker

Eagle Door Knocker

This beautiful door knocker has a bald eagle on top. Made out of solid brass, it is in excellent, working condition. (more…)

Pair of Queen Anne Candlesticks

A stunning pair of Queen Anne candlesticks from the 18th century. The bases are simply marvelous. (more…)

Pair of Chinese Lamps

A pretty pair of Chinese vases that have been converted into lamps. In excellent condition, these vases have been drilled but neither the top nor base have been glued. (more…)

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