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Richmond, VA Cast Iron Bench

A beautiful, cast iron bench made in Richmond, Virginia. Made by the famous James Carr, this garden bench is the classic fern design. Most people don’t realize James Carr invented the design right here in Richmond. (more…)

Pair of Petite Lamps

A beautiful pair of oil lamps with gold fonts. Pairs of lamps are always sought after and are becoming hard to find. First, the gold, oil fonts are etched and in outstanding condition. (more…)

Chippendale Andirons

Pair of Chippendale Andirons, Circa 1800

Just what a cold night calls for!  A pretty pair of Chippendale andirons.  They are 23″ tall, 12″ wide, and 19 1/2″ deep and are in excellent condition.  English.  Circa 1800.


Looking Glass or Mirror

A Late Federal Looking Glass or Mirror. Made out of mahogany, it retains its original finish and mirror. (more…)

Serpentine Fender

A beautiful, serpentine fire fender. In fantastic condition, the feet and balls are original. (more…)

Train Bell

Train or Ship Bell

A wonderful, brass bell that most likely came from a steam locomotive. Made somewhere around the turn of the 20th century, this piece looks great. It has a strong, clear tone when rung. (more…)

4 light Brass Gas Fixture

A beautiful and rare gas light fixture. “What an unusual light” is the first thought that pops into ones mind when this piece is seen for the first time. Then the beauty of the lamp shines forth. The next thought, “what is it”?

This is a rare Reflexolier model gas light fixture by Welsbach Company. This company is still in business today as Welsbach – Holophane. Produced in Germany, this light was a major innovation in gas lighting technology. What made this light so wonderful is how the gas tubes could burn upside down without exploding! This allowed for the light to go straight down with no shadow directly under the fixture. It’s the same principle of a modern day can light! The main fixture is 23 3/4″ long and 21″ across. (The length can be extended.) This was designed to hang on a high ceiling thus the on/off chains. Originally, this could turn the gas on or off to all four arms. All of the shades are original and in excellent condition. It has been electrified and the brass lacquered. German. Circa 1900. $1595


Pair of Tin Wall Sconces

Pair of Tin Wall Sconces

A very nice pair of tin wall sconce with crimped tops. Each holds a single candle.


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