Other Antiques

Magnificent Deer Ink Stand

A magnificent desk accessory.  Overall, this piece is remarkable. Simply put, pictures do not do this piece justice. 

The deer is beautifully sculpted and really grabs the eye. There is a gracefulness to the shape of the handles and base. Even the ink bottles are cut! (more…)

Eagle Door Knocker

Eagle Door Knocker

This beautiful door knocker has a bald eagle on top. Made out of solid brass, it is in excellent, working condition. (more…)

Pair of Queen Anne Candlesticks

A stunning pair of Queen Anne candlesticks from the 18th century. The bases are simply marvelous. (more…)

Pair of Chinese Lamps

A pretty pair of Chinese vases that have been converted into lamps. In excellent condition, these vases have been drilled but neither the top nor base have been glued. (more…)

Pair of Prussian Decanters

Pair of Decanters

An elegant pair of Prussian form decanters. In outstanding condition, this pair appears to retain their original stoppers. (more…)

Brass Telescope

A beautiful, brass telescope with period tripod. This wonderful piece is in excellent condition and is in working order. Made out of solid brass, the lenses are in excellent condition. (more…)

Pair of Petite Lamps

A beautiful pair of oil lamps with gold fonts. Pairs of lamps are always sought after and are becoming hard to find. First, the gold, oil fonts are etched and in outstanding condition. (more…)

Chippendale Andirons

Pair of Chippendale Andirons, Circa 1800

Just what a cold night calls for!  A pretty pair of Chippendale andirons.  They are 23″ tall, 12″ wide, and 19 1/2″ deep and are in excellent condition.  English.  Circa 1800.


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