Appraisal Fee Schedule

$50 for a verbal appraisal per item. For typed, $95.00 for the first item. If more than one item is brought to the shop, the additional items can be appraised at a reduced price. If the appraisal is off site, the charge is $150.00 per hour with a minimum 1 hour charge – including:

• research time
• travel time to and from
• time on site

Additional Charges of $15 per typed page(usually includes 4 –10 items with no pictures) and a flat fee of $25 for appraisal regulations. The client will receive the original plus two (2) copies at no additional charge. Many times a simple walk-through and quick evaluation is all that is needed. This service gives the client some basic information on items and is generally used for specific items of interest. This is done at the listed hourly rate but doesn’t not include a written report. A written report can be added for any selections at the recommendation of the appraiser or the request of the client. For Internet or mail, appraisal must have pictures and dimensions. To submit photos and information for an appraisal, e-mail us at and use the subject “Appraisal Request.” Thank you.

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