Speed’s Map of Virginia

A beautiful, untouched map by “Speed”. In reality, John Speed had been dead for decades when this map came out in his atlas in 1676. (more…)

Map of Virginia and West Virginia

A nice map of Virginia and West Virginia by Culton of New York. Copyrighted in 1882, this map is in excellent condition. (more…)

Oil on Canvas with Chickens

An adorable oil painting featuring a lady feeding chickens with a hamlet in the background. Words cannot express how sweet this piece is. The chickens are just…adorable. (more…)

The Last Meeting – Artist Proof

This is an original engraving of the famous “The Last Meeting” by Everett B. D. Julio. It features General Robert E. Lee and General “Stonewall” Jackson meeting on the field of battle with Fredericksburg in the background. (Ignore the mountains, the painter took some artistic liberties with that part.) (more…)

Fine Silk Embroidery

“Striking, meticulous, colorful, pristine” are just some of the words that describe this piece. This is one of the finest silk embroidery pieces one may ever see. Even saying this, does not do this piece justice. (more…)

Catesby Engravings

Catesby Engravings

A nice trio of Mark Catesby’s engravings from Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands. He published these and other images between 1729-1747. (more…)

“Battle of the Monitor and Merrimack”

“Battle of the Monitor and Merrimack” by Kurz and Allison, Circa 1889

A great engraving of “Battle of the Monitor and Merrimack” by Kurz and Allison.  This world famous battle represented major innovations in civil and military technologies.


1910 Engraving of UNC

1910 Engraving of UNC

A wonderful engraving of the University of North Carolina. This piece was made by Richard Rummell (1848-1924). He was a well known artist and was commissioned to do some water color paintings of some of the most prestigious schools and colleges in American. Painted from a “bird’s eye view” it has often been speculated that he used a hot air balloon.


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