Horse Weathervane

A beautiful weathervane in the shape of a horse. Made out of copper, one can still make out the trace of gold wash that would have been on it originally. (more…)

3 Drawer Bird’s Eye Maple Table

WOW!!  Boy, that doesn’t even do it justice. 

This eye popping, attention grabbing, gorgeous table is a show stopper. The bird’s eye maple just doesn’t end! It is made out of solid maple and that is clearly seen on the top. Magnificent Bird’s Eye Maple is used on all the sides including the top edge are wrapped in it. The legs are solid Bird’s Eye Maple too. Just look at the figuring! Once again, WOW…. (more…)

Single Tea Caddy

A sweet, single compartment tea caddy. This lovely piece is veneered in beautiful, ribbon striped mahogany. (more…)

Bold Inlaid Chest

An eye popping, bold, mahogany chest of drawers.

Made to impress; there is only one word that fits, WOW! Where does one even start? Well, perhaps we begin with the inlay. (whistle) It is simply…great! (more…)

New York Sideboard

A beautiful, Hepplewhite sideboard. This impressive piece has extensive inlay with an overall lighter mahogany color. Made at the end of the 18th century, it features lots of drawers and storage. (more…)

18th Century Camelback Sofa

A beautiful, mahogany camelback from the 18th century. Sofas this early are rare. This one features tapered, Hepplewhite legs with molded fronts. (more…)

8″ Wheel Barometer

8″ Wheel Barometer

A beautiful, mahogany veneered, wheel barometer. The inlaid barometer is in excellent condition. At the base and top one will find an inlaid flower. (more…)

Map of Virginia by Smith

A rare, map of Virginia by Captain John Smith. Yes, this is “the Captain John Smith” who landed here in 1607. This fine map was published in a 2 volume set about his exploits in Virginia and a 2nd, and uneventful, return trip to New England. (more…)

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