Striking Imari Bowl

A lovely Imari bowl. There are several points that really make this bowl striking. First, the interior really pops. (more…)

Parker Coffee Grinder, No. 700

“Unbelievable”, yes, that is the word that should come to mind when viewing this piece for the first time. The second thought…”that paint cannot be real”. The answer is “yes” and “YES”! (more…)

48” Diameter Drum Table

A rare, period, 48” diameter drum table. Made out of mahogany, this table is impressive. First, the embossed leather on top has great age and character but is still in excellent condition.


Petite Regency Sideboard

“Wow, what a piece…” These may very well be the first thoughts that come to mind when viewing this piece for the first time. First and foremost, this piece is period and it is “right”. (more…)

American Shaving Stand

American Shaving Stand

An outstanding, American shaving stand, or dressing mirror, is made out of mahogany. This is the best shaving stand we have ever owned! Made at the end of the 18th century, the craftmanship on this piece is something to see. (more…)

Fine Silk Embroidery

“Striking, meticulous, colorful, pristine” are just some of the words that describe this piece. This is one of the finest silk embroidery pieces one may ever see. Even saying this, does not do this piece justice. (more…)

Petite Maryland Crock

“How sweet!” are probably the first words that will come to mind when one sees this crock for the first time. Followed by “You know, that would work in my kitchen.” (more…)

Magnificent Deer Ink Stand

A magnificent desk accessory.  Overall, this piece is remarkable. Simply put, pictures do not do this piece justice. 

The deer is beautifully sculpted and really grabs the eye. There is a gracefulness to the shape of the handles and base. Even the ink bottles are cut! (more…)

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