Southern End Table

A sweet, one drawer end table. Made out of solid walnut, this tapered leg table is delightful. The top is original and was nailed on. Look closely at the drawer pull. It appears to be original too. (more…)

Walnut Victorian Bookcase

A solid walnut, Victorian bookcase, or china cabinet, with adjustable shelves. This handsome bookcase was made in the later part of the 19th century. It has nice, carved decorations on it. Some are on top of burl walnut panels. It does come completely apart for easy moving and setup. (more…)

Small Sideboard

Small Sideboard

A sweet, small Hepplewhite sideboard with tapered legs. Made out of Honduras mahogany, this piece retains a lighter shade than many. (more…)

Hairy Paw Foot Card Table

A nice, swivel top card table with hairy paw feet. Made out of mahogany, this table was probably constructed around 1825-1830. Stylistically, it is a combination of Neoclassical and early Empire. (more…)

Dry Sink

This delightful dry sink is in great shape. What first catches one’s eye is the back. The backsplash is pierced and shaped. The design is most unusual and most likely a later embellishment. However, the rest of the piece has nice lines and it totally works together. (more…)

New York Linen Press

This striking, Federal, linen press simply put is…WOW!

First and foremost, the flame mahogany leaps off the piece. One’s eye simply won’t leave it. The flame mahogany is all bookend matched. This means each piece was the congruent cut of mahogany to the next one. (more…)

Southern Sideboard

A nice Hepplewhite sideboard with original finish. That’s right, this piece has not been refinished! It does have a nice warm glow that only comes from many years of waxing. Of course, the older finish does lead the piece to having a bit of a darker tone but having the original surface is worth it. (more…)

Pembrooke Sewing Table

A Pembrooke sewing table with 2 drawers. This lovely table has two drop leaves and beautiful barely twist legs with its original casters. It has 2 drawers with a third sewing bag drawer. (more…)

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