18th Century Upholstered Bench

18th Century Upholstered Bench

This is a very rare piece. Made around 1760-1780, upholstered benches were rarely needed or made. To find one today, is extremely difficult. What really catches the eye is the shape.

First, the arms are an extremely rare detail.Arms are seen on reproduction and new pieces but not on period benches. Second, the swell front is wonderful but rarely done due to the additional difficulty in construction. From there, one notices the nice molded, straight legs. The stretcher base is original too. The tenon from the center support runs through the sides. Last but certainly not least, look closely at the carvings underneath the seat rails. Those are all original and beautiful!  WOW!!Overall, it is extraordinarily wide at 59 ¾”. At the arms, it is 25 ¾” deep and 27” tall. In the middle of the seat, it is 25 ¾” deep and 21” tall. This piece can sit at the end of a queen or king size bed and look great. In a hall, foyer, or under a window, it commands attention. All in all, this is an outstanding piece. English. Circa 1775.

Price: $3950

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