Aaron Willard Tall Case Clock (SOLD)

A wonderful, Mahogany Tall Case or Grandfather Clock.  This clock was made by the renowned clock maker Aaron Willard in Boston, Massachusetts before 1800.

This particular style of case is called a Roxbury.  When this clock was found, the fret work at the top was almost completely gone.  Colonial Williamsburg allowed us to copy, by hand, the existing fret work on one of their clocks!  Found in a home in Petersburg, VA, this clock has been lovingly cared for.  The bonnet has fluted columns with brass stop fluting.  The quarter columns on the waist repeat this work.  The finials and feet show wear and appear to be original.  The inlaid case is stunning.  The inlaid corners on the base and waist have a great effect to the overall look of the clock.  While Pine is the secondary wood, the Mahogany used as the primary wood is beautiful.

The face is nothing short or elegant.  The face has been cleaned and the moon dial has been restored.  Pictures of their original condition are available but the moon dial had major flaking that had to be addressed.  The moon dial is made out of brass.  The back of the main dial is signed by the dial painter, John Minott.  He even numbered the face, 224.  Minott was a known dial painter for Aaron and signed many pieces of his work.

The clock stands 7′ 10.5″ tall, 19 .25″ wide, and 10.25″ deep.  The works have been fully restored and run quite well.  Boston, MA.  Pre-1800.

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