Adam’s Style Sideboard Table

An absolutely stunning sideboard table!  If one is looking for “wow”, then go no further! 

Made out of mahogany, this Chippendale sideboard table has it all. The first item one notices is the condition and finish which are great. The finish is old, but not original, and has a luster and depth to it most people absolutely love.In truth, the top is polished so well that it is reflective! As great as the finish and color are, it is the Adam’s influenced carving on the front that steals the show. The beautiful swag element that is flanked by 2 urns. The knee returns on the front are carved as well with the adjoining leg area being fluted. It has all, but one in the rear, of Marlborough feet facings are original. However, it is the size that pushes it over the top. It is 55 ¾” wide, 23 ½” deep, and 35” tall. Usually, these tables are significantly larger and bulkier. As a result of the size, this piece can be used in almost any room in a house. (Please note that the pictures in no way do this piece justice.  It is deeper and richer in color.) English, Circa 1780.

A side note…the Adams brothers brought old world, Greek, influence back to England and incorporated it into their furniture and architectural designs. Known for working with Chippendale and Hepplewhite, their style was highly sought after with only the wealthy being able to afford their services/work. Today, their style is still in high demand.

Price: $5950

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