Anglo-Indian Sideboard

“WOW!  What is that!  Is that carving?”

These are the first words that come to mind when one first sees this piece. First, to say it is “amazing, stunning, or unbelievable” simply doesn’t do it. Second, the pictures below simply cannot relate the visual impact this piece has. It’s presence, character, and…awesomeness can only be experienced in person.

So, what is it? This is a three part sideboard that is made out of solid rosewood. The form is a combination of Asian and British influences. More than likely, it would have been made for the home of a British national stationed in India for business during the 19th century while it was a colony. During this period, the local cabinet makers would have tried to meet the furniture needs of the British by basing furniture designs on the classic British taste combined with their own local influences. First and foremost, this led to the widespread use of solid rosewood. Yes, SOLID rosewood. Indian rosewood is domestic and desired by the European market for the rich and exotic graining.  It was imported in the 19th century and often used as an accent due to its cost.  Any British, or American, person of affluence would have known what it was. Furthermore, it is the only wood sold by the pound and is commonly used as a veneer as a result. To find something of this scale made out of solid rosewood is hard to believe. When this piece was “brought home” from India it would have been a focal point in any home and very prestigious. 

The top lifts off and each pedestal can be moved independently, like a slab desk. This makes the piece easy to transport and move into a home. Each flat board of rosewood is a single, solid board. That’s right, no seams! The graining is beautiful. The top section has 3 drawers in it with the center drawer being smaller and stepped back. Each pedestal has a single door. The doors are ornately carved and eye popping. Interestingly, the doors extended past the side of the pedestals which allows them to open back onto the side of the pedestals. (This means the doors can open to a 90 degree angle only and no further) This is another piece of Asian construction showing through. One side has 2 shelves and the other just one. The interiors are in original condition. The feet are original too. Overall, it is 74 ¾” long, 38 7/8” tall, and 24 ¾” deep. As to the finish, the flat areas were refinished. The carvings have been cleaned and polished up. Circa 1820-1860.

If one is looking to make an impression, this piece is sure to do it.

Price: $8450

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