Brass Dial Tall Case Clock

Brass Dial Tall Case Clock

A beautiful, mahogany tall case clock with its original brass works. This clock has so much going for it that it is difficult to know where to start.  First, standing 7’ 6” tall, it is a striking piece. Next, the eye is drawn up to the broken pediment on the bonnet with dental work.

Slowly, the eye drifts lower to the face and lingers on the wonderfully engraved dial. It takes a few moments before one notices the deeply carved columns. The carving is the inverse of a barely twist, almost a “fluted” barely twist. All of these elements mix beautifully and commands one’s attention. Eventually, the eye drifts to the waist and the quarter columns which are carved in the same manner as the bonnet’s columns.  Subsequently, the base is observed. It is here when one notices the applied trim echoed from the waist and the elegance it brings to the piece. Stepping back, the clock has a richness and presence that is not often felt in a grandfather clock. Lastly, one notices the name, “Ja Liddle Parkhead” on the dial. Unfortunately, we have not been able to identify this person. Parkhead is in the East End of Glasgow, Scotland. The bonnet is 22 ½” wide and 11 5/8” deep. Original 8 day works and bracket feet. Chippendale. Scottish, Circa 1780.

Price: $7250

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