Brass Telescope

A beautiful, brass telescope with period tripod. This wonderful piece is in excellent condition and is in working order. Made out of solid brass, the lenses are in excellent condition.First, one would use the small spotter scope to find the target. (It extends for focusing too.) Then switch to the main tube. It slides out for gross adjustments and has a knob, which works, for fine tuning. The images are right side up (terrestrial) when viewed. The long tube that connects the tripod to the telescope is a stabilizing bar. It was used to help hold the telescope in place and make longer use of it easier. The tripod is period and fits beautifully. It could be original. The brass triangular bracket is newer but works perfectly. It is lacquered. Sadly, it is not marked but it is most likely English. Circa 1900.

Price: $2,795

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