Catesby Engravings

Catesby Engravings

A nice trio of Mark Catesby’s engravings from Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands. He published these and other images between 1729-1747.His work was the first published images of flora and fauna in North America. In 1712 and again in 1722, Catesby traveled to the New World to study and observe the flora and fauna of Virginia, the Carolinas, and Bermuda. Upon his return to England, he taught himself to etch. After his death, his plates were restruck several times. More than likely these images are late 18th century, not his early work. The vertical frames are 23 5/8” tall and 19 1/2” wide. The horizontal image is 21” wide and 17 ¾” tall. (The paper is a bit more yellowed on this one than the others.) Each image has been put in acid free matting with UV protected glass. They are ready to go and look beautiful. They can be purchased individually, as a pairing, or as a set. English. Circa 1800.

Two Birds – $1095

Little Sparrow – $995

Snow Bird with Toad Stool – $1095


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