Cherry Linen Press

A beautiful, cherry linen press. This two (2) part piece has dovetailed case construction and cut nails throughout. Made out of solid, figured cherry, many call “wild” cherry, this piece is a marvel.  First, the wood graining is beautiful.However, it is the size of the cherry that puts this piece above others. Every part is a single board. The panels, drawer fronts, even the sides are all single boards!  To find cherry that is this large is simply, outstanding! After one is done admiring the wood, one starts to focus in on the details. The feet are a straight Hepplewhite bracket feet and they are all original. The front feet have a nice spur. Look closely at the cornice. The cove molding has excellent form and style. So does the applied molding in the door panels. Overall, the press has superb in proportions. It is 79 5/8” tall, 45 1/8” wide at the cornice, and 19 ¾” deep. Such a size is great for an early American linen press. Most are simply large. The secondary woods are poplar and white pine (tested). This piece is most likely Mid-Atlantic in origins and quite possibly was made in New Jersey but one cannot rule out Pennsylvania or Maryland. It is a fine piece. Circa 1790-1810.

Please note that we had a difficult time getting an accurate picture for color.  The second picture is the most accurate for color.  This cherry really pops.

Price: $5995


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