Cherry Slant Front Desk

A beautiful slant front desk made out of solid cherry. This desk is simply pretty. Starting with the carved torches on the interior, WOW! They really pop when the desk is open.Look closely at the detail and one will see strong Philadelphia influence. Opening the prospect door shows a nice interior with 2 cubbies and 2 drawers. Upon close physical examination, there is a hidden “switch” that allows this entire section to slide out. Revealing 3 hidden drawers along with a name and date “Edmond Good June 1801”. This is exceptionally rare! Overall, it is 39” wide at the feet while the case is only 37” wide.  It is 22” deep when closed and 43 1/8” tall. Lastly, the ogee feet are original but the drawer pulls are replaced. Attributed to Nottingham, PA. Signed and dated 1801.

Price: $4995

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