Cherry Tilt Top Table

A sweet cherry, tilt top table.  This beautiful table has a two board top with molded edge, or dish-top. The birdcage allows the top to turn, or spin, freely. This particular table has a ring and round “key”.The ring allows the key to apply pressure and hold the top and bottom together while the top spins. Most keys are flat, four sided pieces of wood. This one is a graduated turning which points to backcountry craftsmanship. The legs and baluster are particularly nice giving the table a level of sophistication usually seen on mahogany tables from urban centers. Combined, this makes one wish this table could talk! In our opinion, the person who made the table was probably well trained in an urban center in New England but moved and practiced in the country. Overall, the table has been refinished and is in great condition. There is a burn mark on the top that is clearly visible in the pictures. There is a bit of wear on the edge of the top too. Overall, the table stands 28 ¾” tall. The top is 26 3/8” by 25 7/8” with the difference attributed to wood shrinkage. New England. Circa 1780.

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