Coastal Virginia Huntboard

Coastal Virginia Huntboard

An incredibly rare coastal Virginia huntboard or sideboard. This is one of the finest Virginia pieces we have had in years.

We call it a huntboard because of its size. It is 43 1/4″ wide, 19 3/4″ deep, and 43″ tall. However, some may call it a very small sideboard. It is in incredible condition retaining what appears to be its original finish. The two drawer over two door configuration is wonderful. The reeding at beside the drawers is extremely nice and gives it a touch of elegance a lot of pieces don’t have. I cannot say enough good things about this piece!

The interior construction is fantastic. First, the drawers have full dust covers. This detail, coupled with the fine dovetails, leads me to believe the cabinet maker may have been English born or trained. Secondly, the interior shelf is built through the interior divide (seen in pictures below). Square pegs are used in some of the joinery with mortise and tenon joints. Lastly, the refined proportions also support this hypothesis of coastal Virginia. The secondary wood appears to be white pine with a bit of poplar thrown in.

Overall, the huntboard has few apologies. There are a few minor patches above the drawers where locks are located. There is a separation crack on the left side panel. There is some minor discoloration and staining on the top from use. The drawer pulls are in the original holes but are not original. The pulls are antiques in their own right but not original. The 4 knobs consist of 2 designs that are almost identical. Three match one another and there is a single. If one looks closely at the pictures, the difference can be seen. All in all, this piece is outstanding and very appropriate for age and use. Virginia. Circa 1820.

Price: $9,995

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