Dishtop, Walnut Candlestand

A wonderful, solid walnut candlestand. When one first sees this piece, the dishtop really stands out, and it should. However, it gets better the more one studies it. First, the finish is old but in great shape. It has a wonderful patina to it. Then one notices the wonderful figured walnut in the top. However, it is at this point that what makes this piece unique really jumps out. There are three pegs in the top. These pegs are original and go all the way through the top and through the board on the underside. This board is what is connected to the pedestal.

How do we know this? There are later 19th century screws used to help hold the top to the base. When we discovered it, the top was loose. We carefully removed the screws and the top came off. We could see it all! All we had to do was reglue the pins and put the screws back on. This “country” build is simply, wonderful. 

Once one finally stops looking at the top, the pedestal and legs come next. All are beautiful. One of the legs has been broken a long time ago and it has a 19th century screw in it, from the underside, helping hold it together. The wrought iron spider is also visible here. All in all, this is a wonderful, “high country” candlestand. It was found in southern Pennsylvania and we believe it is from there. Overall, the top is 19 ¼” by 19” and it stands 27 ½” tall. Probably Pennsylvania. Circa 1800 (probably closer to 1780).

Price: $995

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