Dry Sink

This delightful dry sink is in great shape. What first catches one’s eye is the back. The backsplash is pierced and shaped. The design is most unusual and most likely a later embellishment. However, the rest of the piece has nice lines and it totally works together.Overall, the piece is fancier than usual with an apron across the front. Details like this just are not seen on dry sinks. Next, the size is great at only 46″ wide and 18.5″ deep. It is 33″ tall to the top of the right shelf but the back rises to an overall height of 38 3/8″. The hardware does appear to be original. Lastly, look at the left and right sides. It is obvious that the left side was meant to be seen (It was probably the primary side seen when walking into the room it was originally made) as it has some very nice lines carved near the top. The right side has only one set which suggests it was not seen and the maker decided to “not waste time on the unseen”. It does appear to have its original hardware. Mixed woods but primarily oak. American. Circa 1885.

Price: $1045

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