Empire Table with Shaped Top

An incredible, Empire table with marble top. This beautiful piece has a wonderful Empire pedestal that is covered in flame mahogany veneers. Look closed at the applied decoration at the center of the pedestal. What detail!It almost has a Celtic feel. However, this beautiful base is overshadowed by the complex, shaped top and matching apron. One cannot comprehend how hard it was to make a top like this, by hand! The number and complexity in the changes of the edge shape over such a small space really says “look at me”. The base has been refinished. It is 36” wide, 20 ½” deep, and 29 3/8” tall. The big question is whether or not the top is original. It is a tough call. While the underside does have some oxidation, it does not have the amount one would expect from 175 years of age. It is possible that it is original or it is an early replacement. In my opinion, there is no way to know for sure. Regardless, the top looks fantastic while showing a bit of age and use. American. Circa 1845.

Price: $1295

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