Federal 3 Drawer End Table

Federal 3 Drawer End Table, Circa 1830

This 3 drawer mahogany table is most unusual.  It has a marvelous carved pedestal and harry paw feet.  The carvings were superiorly executed.  The base appears to have been produced in New York City.

Bases to tables and legs were known to be carved in shops that specialized in them.  They were then exported and I believe that is what happened here.  The top half was made in Northern Virginia or Southern Maryland.  I found the table outside of Fredericksburg.  It was being used on a screen porch!  Due to weathering, I had to restore the entire table.  I was able to follow the remains of the original paint and gold leaf to copy the exact pattern that was on the table originally.  The string inlay on the front is brass.  The top is has a nice piece of wide banding inset into it as well.  The top drawer was fitted for a writing surface that has been missing a long time.  The drawer pulls are accurate replacements.  It is 20 3/4″ wide, 19″ deep, and 32″ tall.  Poplar secondary.  Attributed to Northern Virginia. Circa 1825-30.

Price: $2975.00

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