French Marble Top Chest

A superb French chest, or more commonly called a French commode, with its original marble top. What a piece! In outstanding condition, this piece has it all.First, the Rosewood veneer is in fantastic condition. Look at the way the graining and color are used. The artisan laid the wood on the drawers in a herringbone pattern. He accented it further by using a different species of Rosewood on the main case. Additionally, he inlaid and banded the outside portion of the drawers. This pattern is repeated on the sides of the chest. Next, he put beautiful cabrio legs that are the perfect proportion to the rest of the chest. Standing only 35.5” tall, it is a great size at 45” wide and 19 ½” deep. The final wonder to this piece is the marble top. It has a nice shape that matches the chest. The marble is in excellent condition while showing minimal wear and a small stain near the middle of the top. The molded edge is the sweet touch. While the hardware is all replaced, it is accurate and looks marvelous on the piece. When this piece was made, the cabinetmaker really did go all out! Oak secondary. French. Circa 1800. 

Price: $5950

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