Gilded Hepplewhite Mirror

Wow! This classical, gilded mirror is in outstanding condition and is virtually untouched. First, look closely at the eagle. It appears to be poised to leap off the frame and fly. The carving is simply, breathtaking.Second, the eagle is grasping double chains in its mouth that connect with the urns on the ends of the frame. There are 6 tassels that hang from the double chains. Next, the plumes and beading accent the reeded columns. The leaves at the top of the frame and plumes on the columns are beautifully executed. Furthermore, the mirror itself is hand beveled and may be the original one to the frame.  It is 44 1/2″ long, 24″ wide from tip to tip, and 8″ deep to the tip of the eagle’s wing.  Lastly, the gold leaf appears to be completely original. The only repair that we could find is a replaced brace behind the eagle on the back. Some would call the style of this mirror Federal and some Hepplewhite. We side with Hepplewhite but it is just semantics. All in all, this is the finest mirror we have ever owned or offered for sale. It is a masterpiece! British. Circa 1790-1800.

Price $14,500

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