Hanging Spice Cabinet

This is an unusual hanging spic cabinet. Made out of polar, this lidded cabinet has the look and feel of a candle box. Once the lid is opened and the drawer pulled out, one deduces very quickly this is not a “regular” hanging candle box. The top compartment is divided into 2, 5 ¼” square compartments. Meanwhile, the lower drawer holds 6, 3 3/16” by 2 3/8” rectangles. There is no way this piece could have been used for candles. The only remaining use would be spices. Overall, it has a dovetailed case and its original brass knob. It hangs 10 ¾” long from top to bottom. It is 12 3/8” wide and 7 3/8” deep. One can clearly see there is some wear on tear on the right top of the drawer front. One can imagine the drawer being dropped and breaking the lipped drawer front…a long time ago. While the exterior is made out of poplar, there is some white pine secondary. It was refinished at some point during the 20th century.  American. Circa 1825.

Price: $575

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