Heart Pine Corner Cupboard

A wonderful Heart Pine Corner Cupboard with 2 doors. Look closely at the feet and trim. All of it is original. The interior has been repainted. It takes a 31″ corner and is 85 5/8″ tall. The tombstone raised panel is beautiful. The original H hinges show great wear but the screws are replaced. The form, trim, and style all point to this piece coming from Eastern Shore of Virginia.  Circa 1780.

The shelf spacing, starting from the bottom, is:

19 5/8″
9 5/8″ opening but another 2.5″ interior clearance
12 5/8″ opening but another 1/4″ interior clearance
15 1/8″
7 1/8″ opening with another 5 1/4″ clearance

Price: $7950

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