Kutani Tray

Kutani Tray

Stunning. Magnificent. Show stopper. WOW! These words do not do this piece justice at all. This Kutani tray is one of the finest pieces we have ever seen and the finest we have had the honor to offer to the public. Overall, it is almost a perfect square at 14 1/2″. The bright color and clarity are rare for Kutani.

The images are sharp and precise. A large amount of the decorations are raised too. Look closely at the trees and gold decorations. Even in pictures, one can see how the decorations are lifted. To us, it feels like it almost has a Satsuma quality to it. (The maker was definitely influenced by Satsuma. However, it is Kutani without a doubt) The pinched corners are a nice detail that really helps finish the piece. Lastly, look at the back. It is signed and has penciled writing on the back.  At this point, we are still researching the signature.  So, we cannot state that the penciled translations are correct.  However, the piece is so fantastic we just had to share it. Japanese.  Meiji period.  Circa 1885.

Price: $995

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