Large Gold Leaf Mirror

Bold and beautiful, this large gold leaf mirror is a sight to see. Measuring 39″ by 44″, this mirror commands attention. Look closely at the details in the flowers, they are superb.Usually, the heavier part of the frame is on the exterior and it slopes lower into the mirror. Here, the frame is made in the inverse. The thin part of the frame is the exterior and the heavier part is next to the mirror. This reversal is most unexpected and, visually, delightful. The mirror does appear to be original and the silver is starting to show a bit. (mainly has light grey spotting). Mirrors like this are very hard to come by in this condition today. Circa 1855.

Price: $3995

Please note gold leaf frames like this are very difficult to photograph accurately.  The closeups of the corners are the most accurate for actual, real life color.

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