“Lilly of the Valley” Card Table

Look closely and prepare to be amazed! This beautiful card table has some of the most magnificently detailed inlay work one will see. First and foremost are the inlaid “Lilly of the Valley” panels at the top of each leg.Look at it…really look at it. From the pedals to the leaves, the attention to detail is incredible! Next, follow the edge along of the top and along the bottom of the apron to see a complex dash pattern of inlay flanked by two bands of string inlay. Next, the apron has rosewood banded panels of flame birch. What a feast for the eyes!! Finally, the tapered legs feature string inlay ending in a complex triangular patterned cuff at the top of a tapered foot. Please note the single board tops and the beveled edge under the lower top. The gaming table is 36 ¼” wide, 19” deep, and 29” tall when closed. It has been refinished by us. All in all, this is a “show stopper” table. Strongly attributed to Massachusetts. Circa 1800.

Price: $4450

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