Lionel Blue Comet

1930’s Lionel Blue Comet

A rare, Lionel, Standard Gauge, Blue Comet train. This set is complete and in running order. The Blue Comet series is one of the “holy grails” of toy train collecting. This set includes the engine, #400E, with its tender. The cars, including the observation car, are #420, 421, and 422. In running order, this set has been in our own private collection since the early 1980’s. The engine runs and the cars all light up. There is some minor wear and tear from “use”…or, should I say play. This set was produced before World War II from 1930-1938. It is based on a real train in New Jersey. When originally sold, the set cost $70 or the same price as a used Model T Ford pickup! This is not a reproduction MTH train. It is “the real deal”!

Here is a short video from Antiques Roadshow about this train,

Additional pictures are available upon request.


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