Map of Virginia by Capt. John Smith (SOLD)

Map of Virginia by Capt. John Smith, Circa 1819

This is a copy of the map of Virginia out of Captain John Smith’s 2 volume series that he published in the 1620’s.  It was reproduced from the original plates in 1819 in Richmond, Virginia.

It is in excellent condition.  The folds you see are from how it was originally folded into the book.  All of these maps have a small tear on the right side near the fold.  This came from opening and closing the map while it was in the book.  It has very minimal discoloration and has been well cared for.  The glass is conservation, anti glare glass.  It is in excellent condition.  Note Chief Powhatan in the upper left corner.  North is to the right.  Jamestown or “Lameftown” is clearly marked on the map.  “J” and “L” were interchangeable; as well as, “f” and “s”.  The frame is 21 3/4″ by 18 3/8″.

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