Massachusetts Tall Case Clock

Massachusetts Tall Case Clock

A beautiful Roxbury tall case clock made out of solid mahogany. The tall case or “grandfather” clock form with rounded top is known as a “Roxbury” style case.

This particular form was most popular in Massachusetts and this piece definitely heralds from there. The door on the waist is made out of a ribbon striped mahogany and is inlaid. The hardware is all original except for the finials. I believe the finials and plinths have been replaced.  However, the plinths are in the original place. Usually these clocks have some type of fretwork across the top but this clock seems to never have had any. The feet are the only other replacement. The face is charming and the clock does run. It is just under 8′ tall with the finials, 12″ deep, 22″ wide. Attributed to Massachusetts. Circa 1790.

Price: $6500

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