New York Card Table

“Check out the inlay!” are the first thoughts one has when viewing this table for the first time. This fine demi lune card table features two pattern inlays on the legs of an ice cycle and scrolled paper. Designed to grab one’s attention the combination really delivers.Additionally, there is string inlay on the front and sides of the tapered legs with cuffing at the bottom. The top is one board and is surrounded by a string of inlay that really makes it pop. This level of detail is simply fantastic! The finish is old and almost no sheen. It has been cleaned at some point which gives the table a great look. Mahogany is the primary wood with the gate leg and back appearing to have cherry or maple as the secondary wood. The interior of the apron may be another secondary wood too. (A wood test on both would need to be done to know what they are.) Overall, it stands 28 5/8” tall, 36 ¼” wide, and 17 ¾” deep with the top is closed. Lastly, the table has 5 legs. This, along with everything else, really helps narrow down where and for whom the table was made. Typically, five legged tables are attributed to New York. Furthermore, New York loved the ice cycle pattern. However, Rhode Island like the same patterns and used both secondary woods. Additionally, Rhode Island made card tables for the New York market and exported it directly to them. So which is it? We believe the table was made for the New York market, so we are going with a New York attribution but Rhode Island is a possibility. Circa 1790-1800.

Price: $4750

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