Oak Barrister Bookcase With Lead Panes

Wow! A word one does not often utter when viewing a barrister bookcase. To find a barrister bookcase that is totally untouched and in excellent condition is a joy. That’s right. This piece is all original!Made out of oak, this bookcase has 4 sections and a drawer. What really grabs the eye are the variety of different sized sections coupled with lead paned glass doors. They steal the show. Overall, it is 61 ½” tall, 34” wide, and 12 ½” deep at the base. Additionally, the interior dimensions are 9 ½” tall x 8” deep, 9 ½” tall x 8” deep, 11” tall x 8” deep, and 12” tall x 9 ½” deep. This stepped look combined with the glass is impressive. Each bookcase has one pane that is cracked but stable. It is not easily seen. Made by Globe-Wernicke, all of the labels are intact. Art Deco. American. Circa 1910.

Lastly, it has a matching mate! That’s right, there are 2 available to purchase. You can buy one or both. It has been over 20 years since we have had a barrister of this caliber in oak. If you ever wanted a pair, don’t hesitate. You may not get another opportunity.

Price: $3,695 each

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