Pair of Federal Card Tables

A beautiful pair of mahogany, Federal card tables. Pairs are so hard to come by today, it is always a wonder when they stay together. At first look, the legs really stand out. Each one is carved with nice venting. However, it is the tops that steal the show.Each table top features a single board and is bookend matched. Additionally, the tops of each table bookend matched the other table as well. Wow, what attention to detail! Lastly, the corners are clipped and the edge of the tops are reeded. Most likely made during the 1820’s, this pair have swivel tops. This means the base is stationary when the top pivots and folds open while staying perfectly centered over the bases of the table. The legs point us to attribute the tables to Baltimore, MD. Additionally, there is a significant amount of  yellow pine secondary wood. The tables stand 29 ½” tall and are 36” wide and 17 ¾” deep when the tops are closed. Most likely Baltimore, MD. Circa 1830.

Price: $6995

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