Pair of Jacobean Card Tables

An incredibly rare pair of English Oak card tables in the Jacobean style. Pairs of tables in any style are rare in antiques. However, pairs of Jacobean tables…we have never seen any for sale, anywhere.

Made out of English Oak, these tables were originally called “folding tables”. They served the same purpose as their later siblings, card tables. Eventually, the Jacobean style folding table adopted the later name of “card table”. Each table looks 17th century. Although the carvings on the front are accurate to the 17th century, the tables are much younger. The only way one knows it is not is when examining under the table top and the drawer. Then the truth is very plain to see. Each table has 4 stationary legs plus a 5th gate leg. The top lays open when the gate leg is swung out. Each table does have a drawer.  The finish does appear to be original and does show some wear due to its age. Amazingly, the tables are not dark. In the pictures below, some of the pictures are darker in order so show the carvings better.  In particular, there is a picture of one of the tops that shows some finish wear. It is dark in order to highlight the wear. This could be fixed but we thought it better to let the new owners decide what they do and don’t want done to the tables. The tables are 33 ¾” wide, 16 ½” deep, and 30 ¼” tall. Yes, you read that right…33 ¾” wide and only 16 ½” deep. What a great size! English. Circa 1900.

Price: $3,295 for the pair

Please note that the tables match in color and are not overtly dark.  The pictures of the first table are more accurate for color than the later.

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