Pair of Virginia Card Tables

An incredible pair of matching card tables. There is always a celebration when one finds a pair of tables. A matched pair of gaming tables, most likely from Virginia, is nothing short of miraculous.Made out of beautiful Honduras mahogany, each table has Poplar, Oak, and Yellow Pine secondary woods. The secondary woods, inlay, and the style of tables indicate that they were made in Virginia or Maryland. Each table features extensive string inlays from the edge of the top to the foot. Look closely at the work. Virginia liked inlay but nothing “over the top”. On the other hand, Maryland loved bell flowers and other decorative inlaid patterns. This more simple pattern of inlay definitely supports a Virginia attribution over Maryland. 

Each top is a single board. Both show a single, old crack which is well shown in the photos. Each crack is tight and stable and neither should cause any issue. The legs are in very good condition and straight. One gate leg may appear to be slightly crooked in the pictures. It is straight but the fly rail is not. We have left it as is but it can be straightened. Just ask about the process and we will be happy to go over it.

Overall, the tables are shaped in a double elliptic form. They stand 29 3/8” tall, 36” wide, and 17 3/8” deep when closed. They were found in the Lynchburg area and have a plaque on the back showing an association with the Colonial Dames. All in all, we attribute these tables to Virginia over Maryland. Hepplewhite. Circa 1800.

Price: $10,950

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