Petite Pennsylvania Corner Cupboard

Amazing! Wow! Look at the size, the proportions! Could this be right? HOLY COW! Are but a few of the words that pop into one’s mind when seeing this piece for the first time. The eye does little dances from one element to the next. Finally, it settles, but where? First, the size.

This fantastic, solid walnut corner cupboard is two part with one door on the top and bottom. Standing 8’ 1/8” tall, it needs only needs a 27 7/8” corner at the cornice. The top half has a beautiful glazed door with arched top. This reveals the shaped shelving inside. However, it is the broken arch that demands attention. Totally original, and undamaged, the rosettes are carved and feature a sunflower. The flame finial is original and removable. Beneath it is a carved shell. The lower portion of the pieces features a single door with 4 raised panels. While the lock on the upper door is an old replacement, the lower door retains its original, hand forged lock. Even the feet are original. As great as all of this is, the hinges “take the cake”. Each door is held in place by the original rat tail hinges. A favorite of ours, the rat tail hinge allows the door to be lifted off and removed at will. These hand forged hinges are rarely seen and seldom in this condition. Lastly, the craftsmanship is fantastic. It is so great that the entire case is hand dovetailed. Yes, the back, tops, and bottoms are all hand dovetailed together. No nails! Whoever built this piece is urban trained.

All in all, this incredible piece is nothing short of museum quality. It originates from Pennsylvania, probably in the counties just outside of Philadelphia. Circa 1775.

Price: $9,995

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