Petticoat Table With Black Marble Top

A stunning, petticoat table with its original black marble top. Visually, it is an impressive piece at 34 ¾” tall, 41” wide, and 19” deep. One immediately notices the black, Egyptian marble on top.
The luxurious caramel and white lines on a field of black really pop. (It almost gives the piece a bit of a contemporary feel.) Finding an original piece of this marble really is amazing.Once the eye moves on, the beauty of the flame mahogany really jumps out. Look closely at the pictures. The wood is simply beautiful. The mirrored back does appear to be original and beautifully reflect whatever is put in front of them. In our case, the pair of Staffordshire lions are on prominent display. Last but not least, are the graceful lines of the case. The top is supported with two shaped “S” scrolls on the sides. Add the scroll feet, and the sides just flow! All in all, this piece is just a visual delight. Originally made for foyers, petticoat tables are used in a variety of other places today. One can easily find them in a dining room or living room. The marble top is great for a dry bar or a serving area. Probably made in the Philadelphia or New York, this piece is definitely American. Empire.  Circa 1845.


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