Queen Anne Valuables Cabinet

An incredibly rare, two part, valuables cabinet. Made at the beginning of the Queen Anne period, this piece is a marvel. When seeing the piece the first time, the size and style catch the eye immediately.This cabinet stands 48” tall and is only 17 1/8” deep. It is 30 1/8” wide at the top and 31 ½” wide at the bottom. The proportions are outstanding! Stylistically, it is Queen Anne with a bit of William and Mary influence, (note the feet). Look at the quality of the walnut veneer and how it is laid out. It is beautiful and in great condition. Next one notices the configuration, 2 doors over 2 drawers. Very nice! Furthermore, the hardware is magnificent and all original! Most of it is etched. The brass buttons on the door fronts look beautiful and are original too. However, it is when the doors are open that one holds their breath. The interior reveals 8 drawers and 1 door. All veneered to match one another and the exterior. Here again, original pulls and door catch. But it gets even better…  When we first examined this piece, we opened the door and notice 3 small iron nails at the front, center of the compartment. The compartment itself is veneered to match which is astounding. But these nails, why are they there? Then it occurred to me, they could have held a strap of leather or fabric in place. This led us to discover that the entire compartment slides out to reveal 3 hidden shelves. A wonderful place to hide ones…valuables. Lastly, the finish does appear to be original, (We did wax it.) All in all, this is an outstanding piece. It will be a crown jewel in any room or collection. English. Circa 1720.

Price: $10,750

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