Satinwood Tall Case Clock

Stunning, is the word that comes to mind when one sees this clock in person. The satinwood inserts explode off the mahogany case of this tall case or grandfather clock. Overall, the clock is in excellent condition and has had minimal repairs to the case. The finish has the deep luster or sheen that many people find so appealing. The dial is charming and unsigned. I find fret work beneath the broken arch delightful. The clock stands a nice 7′ 3″ tall, 9 3/8″ deep, and 18″ wide. The waist has fluted quarter columns. The feet have been professional replaced and so have the finials and rosettes on the bonnet. These pictures do not do this clock justice at all. It is much prettier in person. English. Circa 1820.

Note:  This clock is featured prominently in Season 7 of HBO’s Homeland series.

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