Set of 12 Period Chairs

An impressive set of period. Hepplewhite, shield back, chairs.  If one has ever wanted 12 chairs, here is your chance!

This set consists of 10 side chairs and 4 arm chairs. We acquired the chairs in 2 groups, 8 in April and 6 in May. However, there is no doubt they were made in the same shop. All 14 have only extremely minor differences. They are virtually identical! To find such a set in late 19th or early 20th century chairs is incredibly but these date around 1810. Yes, they were made somewhere between 1800-1815.

Currently, you are seeing the chairs in “as found” condition. Six have been refinished and eight have not. They all need to be refinished again. Most need to be reglued and a few repaired, mostly missing parts of stretchers. Only 1 side chair needs a significant repair cosmetic repair in the back. All will be reupholstered. (The labor is included in the below price but the fabric is not.) 

To find a set this large is truly exceptional. The chairs can be reupholstered as a set of 14 or any other combination desired. For instance, the two extra arm chairs could be used in a foyer, living room, desk, or even a bed room. Then they could be pulled if needed.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We have tried to include a large number of pictures showcasing the difference. The differences can be most easily seen in the arm chairs. The height of the chairs do vary slightly with so many but the largest amount appears to be about 5/16″. Look closely at those pictures and one will see how minimal they are.

Price: $19,900 – for all 14, totally restored

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