Set of 7 Chippendale Chairs

An incredibly carved set of 7 dining room chairs with ball and claws.  The set consists of 6 side chairs and a single arm chair. 

Spectacular!  It doesn’t even begin to do these chairs justice. The backs and legs are WOW! Look at the sophistication of the owl splats! The extra piercing where the splat and crest rail meet is very rare.It gives the chairs a sense of…grandness. Overall, the backs are in excellent condition. One of the splats has had a bit more wear and has been reglued in several places. However, it appears to be well done and strong. The lean in the back is nice and makes the chairs comfortable too. The carved knees are wonderful. Look at the flower on the knee return. This is both beautiful and an unusual touch. There is even a carved bell flower on the legs. Furthermore, the front seat rail is gadrooned on each chair. Look closely at the carved acanthus leaves near the base of each arm. This is another rare element. All of this combines to make these chairs fantastic! The arm chair is 37.5“ tall and the side chairs are 37“ tall. Lastly, the chairs are made out of solid mahogany. The mass of the chairs is so great, we suspect they are made out of San Domingo, or Cuban, mahogany. Each chair retains its original finish. British. Circa 1770.

Price: $9875

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