Set of 8 Ball and Claw Chairs

A magnificently carved, set of 8 Chippendale Ball and Claw chairs. The carvings on these chairs is marvelous and at a quick glance looks period. Instead of being 18th century, these bench made chairs date around 1900.This means one gets the look of 225+ years at a much more reasonable price.Before one gets into the pictures too deeply, please note these were very difficult to photograph due to the finish. The chairs maintain what appears to be their original finish and it has a high sheen to it. Please note that the first picture is the most accurate for actual color.

Now, look closely at the carved backs, crest rail, and ears. What incredible work! It carries forward to the arms. Notice all the extra carved areas on the arms and base of the arms. The legs and gadrooned seat rail are just wonderful. The cabrio legs have a nice bend to them too. Each chair has nice weight, are strong, and tight. Fortunately, the backs have a nice bend to them lending to the chairs being comfortable. The seats are in “as found” condition. The fabric is good condition but does have a bit of age. If they are reupholstered, we would recommend them strapping and padding be updated. All in all, these chairs are fantastic! Bench made, most likely English. Mahogany.  Circa 1900.

Price: $6,495

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