Small Virginia Bench

“What a cool bench!” These words just don’t do this piece justice. First, it is the overall shape and design. The clipped corners are extremely rare in a bench. Made for function over form, it is very unusual for a bench maker to spend time on details and this piece has them in spades.Second, the back edge, front legs and rear legs are all beaded! Who beads a bench…especially the back side? Obviously, this bench was meant to be seen on all sides. This means it didn’t just sit up against the wall. It was used. The wear and tear on it is obvious. Thankfully, it has been left alone and not monkeyed with. Third thing going for this bench are the splines. Splines are small cuts of wood inserted in the end of a mortis and tenon joint. It helps the joint hold together, longer and stronger. They are clearly evident in the top where the legs come through the top. Fourth, there is a brace under the center part of the bench seat that connects the sides and top all together. This piece was meant for hard use and to last. It has done both. Lastly, it is only 38.5” wide, 12.75” deep, and 17 ¾” tall. Please note there is a lot of wear and discoloration from the wear on this piece. Yellow Pine, possibly Virginia. 19th century.

Price: $535

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