Speed’s Map of Virginia

A beautiful, untouched map by “Speed”. In reality, John Speed had been dead for decades when this map came out in his atlas in 1676.Printed by Francis Lamb, it used Speed’s original map but it incorporated information from Augustine Hermann’s Virginis and Maryland As it is Planted and Inhabited this present year 1670. Considered to be the last of the John Smith’s map derivatives, it includes more details than the original. As one can see, the back is printed in English and is a condensed version of John Ogilby’s American of 1671. Remember, there were no copyrights at this time so people “borrowed” a lot from each other. Overall, this map is in excellent condition with some foxing.(Foxing is stains or dots on the paper.) It has been reframed in acid free paper and the back is visible as well as the front. (see pictures) It is 27 5/8” wide and 23 ¼” tall, framed. The image is 19” wide and 14 ¾” tall. English. Circa 1676.

Price: $4950

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