Queen Anne Tall Case Clock

Wow! Wow! WOW! Grandfather clocks with this level of marquetry are simply, beautiful. Furthermore, tall case clocks from the Queen Anne period are very rare. Standing 7’ 4 ¼” tall, this clock is a visual delight. [Read more…]

Banded 10” Wheel Barometer

Banded 10” Wheel Barometer

This stunning 10” wheel barometer is a show stopper. As beautiful as the dial is, it is the banding around the outside edge that really catches one’s eye. [Read more…]

10″ Wheel Barometer

A rare, beautiful 10″ wheel barometer with triple inlaid banding. This delightful piece is in excellent, working condition. It was made by W. Youle at 79 Leadenhall St., London between 1834-1844. [Read more…]