Three Drawer End Table

A good “high country”, three drawer end table. Overall, the table is made out of solid cherry, including a one board top. Although, it is the Bird’s Eye Maple drawer fronts that steal the show. Highly figured, it really “pops” off the drawer fronts.If that was all there was to this table, everyone would be pleased but it is not. Look closely at the feet for the surprise. They are solid brass! That’s right, solid brass. Can one even imagine what it took for the cabinet maker to import these feet? When we refinished this piece we lightly cleaned/polished the feet. We decided to let them blend in with the rest of the table. Originally, they would have jumped out and said “See me”! They could be polished up like there were originally at no additional cost. All in all, this is a great table. The top is a nice size at 26″ wide and 19 3/4″ deep while standing 27 3/8″ tall. Definitely American but probably Kentucky/Ohio. Circa 1830.

Price: $1,450

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