Train Bell

Train or Ship Bell

A wonderful, brass bell that most likely came from a steam locomotive. Made somewhere around the turn of the 20th century, this piece looks great. It has a strong, clear tone when rung.

The bell is a bit smaller than usual which could mean it came off a ship. Regardless, it is a beautiful piece. While the yoke is not original, the wrought iron hardware on top of the bell is. The bell rests on a stand we made for it along with orders signs for a train. The signs were meant for less used stops and would signal the conductor if a stop was needed. Each sign has a green and red side. One sign is for the north bound track, while the other is for the South bound track. Overall, this piece measures 33” tall while the yellow pine stand is 20” deep. The signs are the widest point at 29 ¼”.  We found this bell in Virginia but have no information on it.

Price: $1295


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