Two Pedestal Duncan Phyfe Dining Table

A two pedestal Duncan Phyfe style dining room table with banding. This pretty table has a lot going for it. First, the banding, ever popular, is pretty and bold but not overpowering in color.It blends exceedingly well with the rest of the table while remaining distinctive. The two leaves gives the table ample size and room for seating. In the below pictures, there are 8 chairs around the table. However, two more could fit. The edge of the table has double reeding. Meanwhile, the mahogany in the pedestals is distinctive. The legs are in good condition and the casters are original. It is 104” long when opened. Individually, the two leaves are 19” wide. The table itself is 44” wide, 28 7/8” tall, and 66” long when closed. Overall, it is in great condition and shows only slight wear on the top and banding. American. Circa 1920.

Price: $4,250

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