Victorian Marble Top Sideboard

A pretty, marble top sideboard from the Victorian era. The high back with impressive, bookend matched veneers on the top and bottom of this piece make a lasting impression. It catches the eye and holds it.Overall, the piece is impressive and in remarkably good condition. First, there is no doubt it has been refinished but it is a good job. Second, the drawer pulls are original. Next, the marble is in great condition with only faint staining. It is original too. Lastly, the book matched veneers are just eye popping on the doors and the back. There are a few spots where the veneer is worn very thin but one has to look for them thanks to the complexity of the wood graining. In total, it is 54 ¼” wide and only 22” deep. It stands 93” tall, just under 8’! The marble top is 37 ¼” from the floor. Victorian. Circa 1875.

Price: $2395

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