Walnut Stepback Cupboard

This wonderfully narrow, two part, stepback cupboard is made out of solid walnut. It stands at only 85 1/8” tall, it is only 41” wide at the cornice, and 18.5” deep at the top of the base. What an amazing size! So many stepback cupboards are just…large.

Each part features two doors. The lower part has two drawers above the doors. All of the doors work well. Overall, this piece is in excellent condition and shows no sign of refinishing. Look closely at the pictures one can see the bottom of the left side has some discolorations. Additionally, it is missing a thin piece of wood along the back edge at the base of it. The top area of the bottom shows wear and discoloration from use too. From the oxidation, we can tell that it has been missing a long time. Lastly, the upper part of the cornice on the same side has been cut off and reattached. It is abundantly clear that the cornice is original but was simply removed. More than likely, it was removed in order to have the piece “fit” into a spot where it was “just a bit wide”. The fact that the cornice was saved and then reinstalled is nothing short my miraculous. All of the knobs are replaced but are in the appropriate shape, size, and wood. Original feet. Poplar secondary. Probably from Pennsylvania. Circa 1835.

We cannot stress how unusually petite this piece is.  It is a true gem!

Price: $3795

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